What Role Am I In Today?

What Role Am I In Today?

If I had a hat for every role life has asked me to play I would have a wall of hats. There would be big floppy ones for the carefree girl that I am. There would also be one with a feather for the sophisticated woman I desire to be. I would wear a construction hood for the harder moments, a cap, a fedora, a beanie, and a snow toboggan. There would be big hats, little hats, hot pink and sequin hats. I would have a hat to match my favorite black heels and maybe a patchwork hat with buttons for these converse tennis shoes currently living on my feet.  I would have so many hats for so many roles. 

How do we balance this?

For instance, I am a wife, a step-mother, a business manager, the family chauffer-chef-doctor-therapist-counselor and rememberer-of-things.  I am a dog mom, cat mom, little red fish mom to Bubbles the 2nd. (It must be pronounced this way, full-title, at all times.) I’m also a spider mom to Mr. Cuddles, the tarantula. (This was a moment of questionable judgment in attempt to let the kids learn more about nature and science. Turns out he’s a very nice, albeit hairy little fellow and so was dubbed accordingly by my step-son.)

It can all be so hectic to manage!

Changing hats is hectic enough, but sometimes I literally cannot remove one before adding another.  And so here I stand with unkempt hair that I promise was curled earlier. I’m wearing hats like a circus performer, one stacked precariously on top of the other until they are out of my reach.

Thank God for grace.

Thank God for the tribe around us who uplift and support. For my husband who lovingly offered the other day, “What can I do to make this week easier for you?”

For my team at work who rallies beside me to make the day happen, for ladies at church who offer hugs for no reason. I’m also grateful for friends who send random texts of uplift and encouragement, for words of wisdom that call out from the pages of scripture, and for podcasts of enlightenment I can listen to on my commute. Not to mention, family who are always cheering from the sidelines, and all those who pour into life so that others around them may live. 

I’m thankful for the tribe around me.

If you are not experiencing these things, then I hope you find them here.  I hope that you find a wellspring of love and support, of encouraging words and compassion.  I hope you find inspiration to fuel your passion, no matter what hat the day has asked you to wear or what role you are required to play. 

Pull it down tight and press on ladies.

I am here here to help sort through the chaos, to set new goals, to redefine your current path, to help you establish your trajectory and to bring it all together in a beautiful song and dance. Let’s do this!


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