Not for the Faint of Heart

There are a few things in life I have not necessarily been brave enough to try on my own.  First time admitting it.  Feels good.  Like therapy.  Or at least what I think therapy would…

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Just Breathe

How close are we to God? Just breathe. Let the life sustaining air that he created fill your lungs and give you strength for the next moment. Sometimes prayer does not feel like enough because…

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What Speaks Loudly

I open the fridge to find it just sitting there. Delicately packaged, neatly arranged, ready and prepared for a new day is my husband’s lunch. I sigh, immediately slump my shoulders and feel the weight…

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Intentional Attitude

There are two shiny, red corvettes.  I’m not entirely sure of the year, but from the cut of the fenders, the glisten of the cherry paint and the muscley-muscleness they represent, I’d say they are…

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What Role Am I In Today?

If I had a hat for every role life has asked me to play I would have a wall of hats. There would be big floppy ones for the carefree girl that I am. There…

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