Managing Change: Position Yourself Positive

Managing Change: Position Yourself Positive

Could anyone have truly predicted all the changes we have seen in our world as of late?  The entire planet has been thrust into a mode of survival in a matter of weeks.  Most individuals are now behind closed doors, riding out the storm in quarantine and isolation, businesses on lock-down, the economy reluctantly grinding to a halt.

Many questions have arisen…what of the future? 

What will our businesses look like once we can resume?  Many employees have been furloughed and even more laid-off or downsized. 

Among a valid wave of fear and uncertainty, one question looms like a shadow in the night…what does tomorrow look like?  For some of us, once thriving careers are now scattered around us, like ashes at our feet.

How we arise from this comes from our ability to be able to pivot in the moment

One thing is certain, change is inevitable, at this point.  Understanding that change and managing it appropriately will be the difference in how you emerge once the dust settles and tomorrow dawns anew.

Although the circumstance may be out of your control, managing the change is not.  You can certainly still position yourself positive among critical uncertainty.

First, you must be in agreement with yourself that today is not wasted. 

Today must include a move forward in your passions and pursuits. 

You must think beyond the now and create a new vision for your future.

One of the biggest challenges to allowing a new vision to emerge is that we are constantly fraught with the goals of prior commitments and ideas. 

Girl, that was yesterday.  Today is a new day. 

Today is a different set of circumstances, requiring a different set of objectives. 

Success comes from being able to objectively evaluate the current situation against former goals.  Are you still on track to graduate this semester?  Will you have to seek for a new position or new company?  Are you prepared for a directional move? 

When you can bring the smaller pieces into focus with the big picture and constantly align your actions to this new initiative, then you are creating a masterpiece and not just a snapshot.

Managing change and positioning yourself positive requires three main components: Acceptance, Approach and Activation.

1. Acceptance

One major challenge to managing change is that we are not always convinced that a change can be a benefit.  This is especially true when we have not invited this change, or are even prepared to accept it.  Where is the evidence this new course will be positive in any regard?  

Despite not having all the answers or information, we can still lead ourselves through this period of uncertainty by coming to terms with the fact that our narrative may have changed.  In order to achieve our desired future (career/position/business), we have to establish a new vision.

You can do this by practicing a few exercises. 

First, get out a notepad and write the three most important goals or outcomes you wish to achieve in the immediate future.  That means within the next 3-6 months, if not sooner. 

(For a great 7-day exercise on establishing clarity and purpose, CLICK HERE.  You’ll receive my free guide on 7 Days to Clarity where you can go through a step-by-step practice on exercises like this and more.)

Once you have clearly defined for yourself what you want or need to achieve, then you can create your strategy for achieving it.

This method works for creating definite and specific goals, no matter what the objective is.

To position yourself positive is to re-adjust your course to the path that propels you forward like a catapult in the relentless pursuit of your goals.

2. Approach

What does it look like to start a job search in the middle of a global pandemic?  How can you stand out in your field or career? What actions will take you another step closer to your most important goal?  If you are finding yourself at the edge of a new job query, then step one is ensuring your resume is ready to go to work for you.  (For great tips on creating a professional resume summary, CLICK HERE.)

Review your list of goals you just created and circle ONE of them.  The one that is the most important or will bring you the biggest return for your time and effort.  Then get busy drafting a plan to get yourself there.

If a job search dominates your list, you may want to beef up your certifications and knowledge base before you begin applying.  Skill building is always a worthwhile practice and it may help you stand out as a valuable asset to a new employer.

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3. Activation

Now that you have aligned yourself with change, outlined your most immediate goal and created a path forward, it’s time to put that plan into action.

Words are only words until we take that first step in the direction of our dreams.  We must become activators, keepers of commitments to ourselves. 

Say it out loud. 

Say out loud what your dream or goal is. “I am in pursuit of my dream job as a ______.  I am strong, motivated, dedicated, committed, and completely sold-out to success.  I will be confident and relentless in the pursuit of this dream.  I will begin (training/learning/networking) TODAY.  I will (enroll/sign-up/join) the program or course that will propel me into my future destiny.  I am a dynamic leader of myself and I will push past fear, doubt and unbelief.  I am strong and I am FIERCE.”

As vibrant and motivated leaders, we know that we are typically on the forefront of new innovations and change.  We encourage, coach, mentor and lead others around us through uncharted territory on a regular basis.  It’s what makes our hearts beat and our energy surge. 

It is time we offer this encouragement to ourselves. 

It can be a job search, a new fitness routine, a healthy eating program, a refresh in our environment inviting organization and purpose, or a creative outlet to de-stress.  Whatever it is that we need to align ourselves to in order to find new success is the commitment that we make to ourselves TODAY. 

We will position ourselves positive for a new tomorrow. 

We are wholly committed that today is a gift and each moment we have is an opportunity to shine. 

You owe this to your future self.  Six months, a year, 5 years, 10 years from now you will look back knowing that no matter what THIS MOMENT looked like, you rose up to the occasion and you shined like the rock-star that you are. 

Own it, girl.  Your future is waiting.


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