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  • Defining Success at Work
    Where does the power of success reside? In the ability to adapt, recover and respond. In the ability to show up again and again while maintaining character, attitude and self-control. When we are successful at perseverance, we are successful in much.StrongHerPurpose We came around the corner at the same time and both stopped abruptly.  In … Read more
  • Dressing for Confidence: How to Use Color to Inspire Your Style
    I have this glorious idea of how I will spend my time when such day arrives that I fulfill a life-long dream and vacation to the city of lights, the city of pastries, romance and love.  The one and only splendor of Paris.  Oh, I plan to drink in all her beauty with child-like wonder … Read more
  • Redeeming Your Time
    The present time has one advantage over every other…it is our own. – Charles Caleb Colton If I had a friend that, without fail, gave me 24 gifts every day, I would be elated. I hope among all the iced lattes, massages, and new shoes that I wouldn't lose my appreciation for them. When the … Read more
  • The Art of Living
    One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.  ~ William Feather She was dancing.  Moving, swirling, twirling, hips swaying back and forth.  So lost in the moment, she moves with the music like it was written for her.  Her smile says it all.  Pure joy.  She … Read more
  • Finding Purpose in an Ordinary Life
    God does not require a spectacular individual to complete his work. He only asks that the willing heart answer the call. You, my friend, are worthy enough to find your purpose. You were meant for extraordinary things. This, I believe for you.- Rachel K. Nepal, June 2019 The sun is up and the birds are … Read more
  • Running Towards Joy
    She is as lovely as the first time I met her 5 years ago when asked to interview her for a transfer from one business location to another.  Long, strawberry blond hair and a smile that lights up the air around her.  She speaks softly and laughs readily.  She is a gem of compassion, love … Read more


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