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  • What to Wear: Work From Home Fashion, Made Easy
    You might be physically “Out of the Office,” but a lot of us are still in front of our teams, leading Zoom meetings and digital chats. Knowing what to wear with work from home fashion can be a breeze when we have just the right pieces in our style arsenal. Life looks pretty different these…
  • Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Home Office
    Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t stay fresh! Being at home has become the new norm for most of us. Working from home has definitely brought it’s challenges, such as how to manage a schedule, tend to competing priorities, show up as your fabulous self for Zoom meetings and having the appropriate space to…
  • Managing Change: Position Yourself Positive
    Could anyone have truly predicted all the changes we have seen in our world as of late?  The entire planet has been thrust into a mode of survival in a matter of weeks.  Most individuals are now behind closed doors, riding out the storm in quarantine and isolation, businesses on lock-down, the economy reluctantly grinding…
  • Writing a Professional Resume Summary
    Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered, “Who is this woman?”  What is she really made of?  I usually consider these deep questions when I’m fixing my hair in the morning.  I like to style it based on my mood and objectives for the day, or match it to my outfit…a tight ponytail…
  • What I Learned Through Coaching Others
    Well respected leaders are on the front-lines for their teams, gathering in and processing new information. Leaders who are engaged with their teams foster creativity and inspire productivity.
  • Defining Success at Work
    Where does the power of success reside? In the ability to adapt, recover and respond. In the ability to show up again and again while maintaining character, attitude and self-control. When we are successful at perseverance, we are successful in much. StrongHerPurpose We came around the corner at the same time and both stopped abruptly. …


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