The Art of Living

The Art of Living

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.  ~ William Feather

She was dancing.  Moving, swirling, twirling, hips swaying back and forth.  So lost in the moment, she moves with the music like it was written for her.  Her smile says it all.  Pure joy.  She is deep in the rhythm. 

She belongs in this moment.

He stands along the edges of the small crowd, eyes eluding approval and appreciation.  As her body glides gently back and forth, his face reflects adoration.  He is in love.  He is drinking in this moment as her movement speaks poetry directly to his heart.  He simply watches, his eyes fixed upon the beauty that she is creating with each beat, with each slide of her feet and wave of her arms.

A smile spreads across his face, a reflection of love.

He is not on the dance floor, but he is completely living inside this moment with her.  He patiently waits and watches for hours as she enjoys one song after another. Her giggle, her laughter. 

It endlessly echoes across the walls.  

Their young daughter grows tired and curls up on the carpet under a dinner table close by.  He crouches down and ensures her comfort.  He takes a seat nearby and he simply waits by his ladies, his wife and his daughter, content to simply be near them.

This is the amalgamation of marriage.  

This is the irrefutable bond that unites two former strangers into a single heartbeat.  He needed nothing at the present, he ignored the hands of the clock and the demands of time.  He simply existed.  Simply existed in her moment.

Strong:Her author Rachel K. and her husband, Chris

Oh, that we could all offer this to our spouse or family or a friend without hesitation or definition. 

What pleasure to simply exist in their moment with them? 

To have no other purpose than a resolve within ourselves to simply be.  Like a momma in the stands at a baseball game, watching with anticipation and pride.  Like a daddy watching his little girl ride a bike for the first time.  Not judging, wanting or needing anything…just being present, being there, being an observer in the moment with them.

Watching this particular family enjoy the wedding celebration of a mutual friend, it makes me wonder…when was the last time I felt this kind of freedom? 

When was the last time I found my purpose in simply existing in the moment? 

Do I let the demands that life seems to have, the sands of time in the hourglass at work, the due dates, deadlines and productivity goals define my purpose?  Or could I simply just exist in moments and let joy be the only reason for living?

I intend to practice this by looking for moments where I lay everything else aside and simply drink in the experience that life is affording me. 

One of these recent moments for me was riding down a narrow mountainside in the back of a dump truck, sitting on a bed of sand with a bunch of other ladies, heading to a little church down deep in the valley in Nepal to meet a group of women and share love and a message of purpose and hope.   

The sun was shining bright and warming my face.  We were bouncing around like crazy, laughing and having fun, and I felt nothing but joy and excitement.  (You can read more about this experience here.)

It was a moment to just simply be, to experience life in unplanned and unexpected fashion, to just let my heart be full in the moment. 

This is the purpose that I desire to have for my life.  To purpose joy, to purpose hope, to purpose love.  To be intentional about sharing kindness, goodness, mercy, compassion, a helping hand.  To infuse the world with wonderful and marvelous friendships and bonds.  And to wrap myself up in the unending opportunity for experience and laughter. 

It is in this idea of intending purpose that I find the art of living to be so magnificently amazing.

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Finding Purpose in an Ordinary Life

Finding Purpose in an Ordinary Life

God does not require a spectacular individual to complete his work. He only asks that the willing heart answer the call. You, my friend, are worthy enough to find your purpose. You were meant for extraordinary things. This, I believe for you.

– Rachel K.
Nepal, June 2019

The sun is up and the birds are chirping. As a new morning arises, I listen to the sounds of the earth waking up. A bus passes by, down shifting to make a turn, a car close behind. Serene and familiar are the light sounds of traffic flowing by the open window. Yet, it dawns on me that something is missing. I do not hear the rev of single-stroke engines mounted to motor bikes, nor their patterned honking as they pass one another with flurried ambition. Yes, they are most assuredly missing from this morning scenario. Ah, it is too quiet. Realization dawns that I have left my heart in other places. Most recently, this was Nepal.

Sharing a learning experience with the women of Nepal

We spent a week among the beautiful Nepalese people. From high in the mountains, sometimes even above the clouds, to down low in the valley, surrounded by the brightest green mountains. Our team of six ladies, eager to answer the call, three translators full of beauty and grace, and one pastor with a willing heart, traveled the city of Kathmandu and it’s surrounding villages. Three hours up to the peak, or even more hours south towards India, we ministered and preached, shared lunch, tears, joy, hugs and worship with women of all ages. Meeting in community centers and on the porches of local homes, we distributed water filters, brought the gospel and desired to demonstrate the love of Jesus to each and every soul.

Praying with the women of Nepal

An experience like no other is to hold the hand and pray with a stranger who is seeking to start their own ministry to their local friends and neighbors, or to embrace one woman out of the entire crowd who braved hecklers and opposition to declare faith and claim her seat at the father’s table.

Water filter distribution, Nepal

This is the call of missions. The desire to meet and walk with strangers, to be welcomed as friends, to invite them into the Father’s house, no matter if nationality, tongue or culture is vastly different. Recognizing that we are all children of the almighty God, creator of heaven and earth, the call of missions is to bring and share the good news to the far corners of the earth.

StrongHer author, Rachel K., riding in a dump truck down a mountainside to share water filters, hope and love with residents of Nepal

Humbled, I am, to think that God would even consider to use my hands, feet or voice. Submitting my heart and full-self to his will, I too grow in innumerable measure by his love.

Praying together, Nepal 2019

Although my time abroad was brief and I feel the demands of daily life once again upon me, I have realized one thing…my heart is still there, still beating on the missions field. A longing churns inside realizing my true home is in the midst of kingdom work, in the middle of a circle of prayer for a stranger, or in the holding of hands with a woman whose name I do not know, yet our spirits realize each other as sisters. It is there, in the presence of God, where I find my true home.

Sharing water filters with multiple families in Nepal

Nothing else can satisfy like working in something that fulfills purpose. If you are seeking this in your life, or in a period of searching, then I understand you, friend. You are not alone on this journey. Feel free to share how you feel purpose in your life and what you are doing to fulfill it. I would love to share in this adventure with you.

Ministering and sharing in worship with women in Nepal
A young boy, Nepal 2019
Cross on a church door, Nepal 2019


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